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912 Register UK

We are a focal point for owners and prospective purchasers of the wonderful Porsche 912 and 912E. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to contribute to the site.

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912 Values
Want to get an idea of the value of your 912, well check the latest market reports.


Technical Area
Please see we have some new tech articles for your Winter Projects. If you fancy writing an article please contact us.

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Well the Forum is taking shape now, lot’s of traffic and getting busier all the time. Join in, don’t be shy now.

Some of the website sections make more sense served by the Forum so some will disappear from this website. The Four Sale section is a prime example, so if you have a car or parts to sell you can now post it on the Forum.


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Two of the books you need if you are thinking of buying.

Duanes magnum opus has been updated to it’s third wonderful edition and James E. Schraeger has penned a brilliant new 911 and 912 guide… details here.

Both books are available direct from RPM Books.

Welcome to 912 Register
We are here to help the new or prospective owner so please feel free to get in touch, or even better join us on the Forum. There are plenty of friendly and knowledgeable folk there to help you out.
There is also a lot of information on this website that you should find useful, have a browse, you will be suprised at how much you can learn from reading through the site.

And as we are fond of saying Keep the Faith!

Any 912 News? Well if you news hounds find anything 912 related on your travels then email us at the usual:
Keep the Faith

2014 News
We have a new Forum location…