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912 Values

912 UK Market Values

These values are based on feedback from members and market returns from various UK dealers. Please email us with any information on selling prices you may have. (Dealers and Auction Site prices are usually higher)


Unroadworthy project car.

A car that needs significant body and engine work, might be roadworthy but likely to be on it’s last legs.

Useable daily driver, would not have had significant amounts of money spent.

Either a unmolested original low mileage immaculate example or a restored car with excellent body and rebuilt engine.

Few and far between so should command a premium over an ‘EXCELLENT’ example, would be a show winner.

December 2006
Market seems reasonable at the moment, with some good cars fetching serious money, exceptional cars have seen up to £14k but this is not the norm.
RESTORATION – Circa £2000 dependant upon car
POOR – £2000 – £4000
AVERAGE – £4000 – £8000
EXCELLENT – £8000 – £12,000
CONCOURS – £12,000 +

December 2007
Market is slower than this time last year, cars are definately on the ‘up’ cheaper cars are harder to find, good ones harder. Many Resto’s are priced unrealistically in view of cost of repair which remains high.
RESTORATION – £2000-£3000
POOR – £3000 – £5000
AVERAGE – £5000 – £9000
EXCELLENT – £9000 – £14,000
CONCOURS – £14,000 +

December 2008
Certainly uncertain times ahead, but for now cars seem to be holding their own. Market is very slow though, not much movement, people seem to be holding onto their cars. Earlier in the year I would have said they were on the increase but now seem to be holding at 2007 values. Top end cars are holding their own, bottom of the market seems hard pressed. Interesting year ahead.
RESTORATION – £2000-£3000
POOR – £3000 – £5000
AVERAGE – £5000 – £9000
EXCELLENT – £9000 – £14,000
CONCOURS – £14,000 +

December 2009
Interesting year as values have bucked the economic trend and risen steadily. Bolstered by Euro buyers spending their bouyant Euro. It will be interesting how things develop. Restoration costs remain high but compared with crazy 911 values the 912 remains good value. However some ‘interesting’ valuations out there, very very few cars are in the Concours class so spend wisely.
There have been some truly outstanding prices in Euroland and the USA, the £20k+ car seems to be a more common but still exceptional thing
RESTORATION – £3000 – £4000
POOR – £4000 – £6000
AVERAGE – £6000 – £10,000
EXCELLENT – £10,000 – £16,000
CONCOURS – £16,000 +

December 2010
Another interesting economic year has passed, not too many cars have come to market but those that have still commanded strong money, no recession dip so far.
Again we are still seeing some cars go for very strong money in Europe, concours cars are few and best cars are generally ‘excellent’. 911 prices seem still to be dragging 912 prices skyward.
RESTORATION – £3000 – £5000
POOR – £5000 – £7000
AVERAGE – £7000 – £12,000
EXCELLENT – £12,000 – £20,000
CONCOURS – £20,000 +

December 2011
A very slow year for sales in the midst of the economic downturn. Seems the finite number of 912’s are staying firmly in peoples garages. The supply from the USA seems to have pretty much dried up at anything other than strong prices and European cars seem to lead the way in terms of price. Not much percieved change from 2010 but when a good car comes to market we will see what transpires. As ever some totally unrealistic prices being asked for some examples on eBay and at dealers. As ever tread with caution.
RESTORATION – £3000 – £6000
POOR – £6000 – £8000
AVERAGE – £8000 – £14,000
EXCELLENT – £14,000 – £20,000
CONCOURS – £20,000 +