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The 912E

912E (E = Einspritzung, fuel injected to you and I) 1976

The 912E is a rare beast indeed, especially in the UK where it was never sold. It was in many ways a stop gap between the 914 and the new model 924 and consequently was only produced for a year in 1976. It was basically an impact bumper 911 with a type 4 VW engine from the 914. It had a lower trim specification than the 911 but was a great car in its own right.

This excellent example was owned by David Russell and had remained in his family until recently since new. This car one of only 2099 ever produced is one of the best examples of an unrestored 912E you are likely to see in the world today. With its 1971cc engine, air conditioning and excellent fuel economy, this car is a thoroughly practical Porsche.